Creating Views for Report Studio

How are views created in Report Studio? I have full access to the Report Studio task but do not see an option to create a view or save a query as a view.

Hi Fred

A ‘view’ in a sql terminology, it’s a query that is stored on the server so it can be re-used and it acts much like a table.

In Report Studio you create a report which pulls data either from tables or views. If the existing tables/views don’t contain all the data you require you can add other fields/columns from existing tables or you can join (sql terminology) a table.

Does that answer your question?

Report Studio currently does not have the ability to report on user created views.

But it is under consideration for a future release.

I actually want to be able to create views. thanks.

Thanks - Looking forward to the day.

I might add that while views are not directly supported in P21 Report Studio, if you create a view outside of P21 and use a field in your view that is in one of the RS baseline tables, you can create a report/portal using the baseline table, remove all the unneeded columns and join to your custom view.

I’ve done it several times.