"Credit Card failure stops shipment" -- but not for drop ships?

We have “Credit Card failure stops shipment” checked in Credit Card Configuration. When we click “shipped” in customer shipment entry the card on file runs. If declined, a popup displays, the shipped checkbox unchecks, and no invoice is created. Good.

However, if an order is created for the same customer and a drop ship PO is created we have an issue. In Drop Shipment Entry, the PO is pulled in, received/shipped is checked, then save. If the credit card is declined, an invoice is still created. Bad.

We’d like the system to stop the invoice creation process here, when cc is declined, just like in customer shipment entry. Is there a checkbox to activate this? We were hoping “credit card failure stops shipment” checkbox would have handled this.

Thank you.

I am curious too. I have an even more complicated process:
Client has two companies. Company A gets a sales order from a credit card customer. Company B makes it and Drop ships it to end customer. MCD works great and I’ve automated the process for the back and forth logic.

Company A would like to accept the CC Payment immediately before shipment in Company B.

I have offered that they create a Deposit Payment for the amount to be shipped. However, is there a better way?