Credit card Purchases from Vendors multiple remit to addresses?

Our workaround that I think we got from Epicor is still a little Mickey
Mouse, but it eliminates the need for any job adjustments. I'm not the one
who does this, so I hope I am remembering the steps properly. You would
need to create a pass-through G/L account (we call ours credit card
pass-through). Process the PO and AP invoice for the original vendor as
usual sending the charges to the desired G/L accounts; then do an invoice
adjustment making sure the adjustment gets charged to the credit card
pass-through account. Then when you are paying your credit card bill,
create a misc invoice that is also charged to the credit card pass-through
account. You should end up with zero net effect in this account and the
original charges going where you wanted them. At month-end we always
analyze the pass-through account to make sure all is netted out there.

Nora Story
Spectra Technologies, Inc.
817-540-4475, ext. 105
Looking for suggestions on a better way to handle credit card purchases from
vendors in Vantage 5.0. We create the P.O to the actual vendor we are buying
the material from. After we do the P.O receipt in A/P we change the price to
zero, and create a misc invoice for the credit card company. we then do a
job cost adjustment / part cost adjustment as required. Seems that having
the ability to create an alternate remit to address at the time of A/P
invoice entry might be cleaner. I would also want to see a global alert set
up for such a change for security reasons. Hopefully someone as better work
around then the Mickey Mouse process we are using now.

Dan Shallbetter
States Electric Mfg.