Credit Memos on Returns with Different UOMS

I have a client that will sells items as each and case. The case gets a discounted value from the each.
Their customer can return items back in either UOM.
For example:

  1. 1 Case of 12 wine bottles is sold and the customer returns 2 bottles. This results in the Credit Memo getting the price of 2 cases.
  2. Customer buys 4 bottles of wine over 4 months and wants to return 12 as a case (I don’t know why they would, but it happens). This results in the customer getting only a single bottle price on the Credit Memo

We would like to either use the current Pricing for the customer, or the original invoice pricing. Either is fine.

I have tried to use a BPM to set the correct price on the Credit Memo, but this fails to populate correctly.
I’ve also used a customization, but unless you are in developer mode, you can’t open the custom Credit Memo screen.

Product Development says this is not going to be added to any fixes in the future (no real reason why was provided to us). CSG is now being asked to perform this task, but I would (cough) “prefer” to not go down that route. :sob:

Does the problem still happen if the CM doesn’t reference the original invoice?

Not suggesting this as a solution, but rather to collect more info.

Also, do things work as expected if you credit it in the UOM it was sold in? In your first example, the return was for 2 BTL, but ends up as 2 CS. Could the return be 0.16667 CS? (Assuming you allow decimals)

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No decimals as we can’t sell partial bottles. We stock in bottles only.
If no invoice is referenced, I believe it’s a zero dollar, but I need to verify. It’s been 6 months since I looked at it.