CRM Mobile App - Can you modify it at all?

Mobile CRM is missing (or maybe I can’t find it) the campaign and event fields. Is there any way to add them?

You can try reviewing the corresponding BAQ used to pull the data and see if it has those fields.

If not and you want to show them, you would need to add them as UD fields. UD fields are shown in detail screens after the base fields.

You basically copy the zCRM BAQ, add “_custom” to the name and add your UD fields, you need to clear cache and services data(or something like that, don’t remember the exact options names) and it should use the custom one instead of the base one.

Thanks @Jonathan ! This will allow us to see them, but will it allow us to edit them?

To my knowledge you can’t ADD campaign and events from the Mobile app. Those have to be done from the desktop.

Thanks Ernie. I am working on using data tags and a BPM right now in the meantime.