Crystal and Insert Subtotal option

With Crystal Reports, the subtotal option is dependent upon the timing of the formula calculation. If the formula is calculated entirely upon items in the detail section alone, then it typically will allow a subtotal to be created. Subtotals cannot be created on certain formula fields where evaluation requires creating the subtotal field prior to evaluating the subtotal itself. There are certain functions available while creating or editing formulas (found under the "functions" section, "evaluation time") where you can attempt to specify the timing of when a formula is performed.

Most often I have had to create formulas to work around these limitations, and it isn't always easy to figure out!

Tony Leninger
I believe it only works on a field in the Details section. Perhaps other formulas you tried are in Footers? Just a guess.

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Sometimes when I right click on a field I get the Insert Subtotal
option, and sometimes I don't. All formulas are numeric. Any ideas
as to what determines when the option comes up?

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