Crystal barcode shipping label

I need a 4"x6" shipping label to print with packslips that has
barcodes in Crystal. We are on Vantage 5.00.320, Crystal 8.5.0217.
I'm very slow still when creating in Crystal. If I have a similar
report to start with, I can probably figure out where to move and
place things.
Specifically what I am looking for is:

Plant(Z) = OrderHed.ShipToNum
PO#(K) = OrderHed.PONum
PO Line(L) = OrderDtl.POLine
Advice Note(A) = ShipDtl.Packslip
Part#(P) = OrderDtl.PartNum
Quantity(Q) = Quantity Shipped formula
UM(U) = unit of measure

I'm sure there are some other tables involved, shiphed and shipdtl
etc. If you have something similar that you would like to send my
way, or if it is posted somewhere tell me where to look, I would
greatly appreciate it.