Crystal Enterprise RAS 9 ePortfolio light.( Van tage 5.0)

Yes, Along with scripting the login and passwd to the ODBC driver this is
how V8 is setup.
Clients installations need .Net Framework to run Vantage and the crystal run
time executable and ODBC installed to run custom Crystal Reports.

Patrick Winter
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Running Version 6.1 Testing Version 8.0

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I don't have any info for you regarding RAS 9 ePortfolio... But I wanted to
let you know what we are doing, and what I understand the future holds for
report distribution.

We are on Vantage 6.1, Crystal Reports 8.5 and Crystal Enterprise 8.
CE 8 will allow you to distribute reports with a URL pointed to the web
server with the login and password included. CE 9 would not, so we didn't
upgrade. We are using the ActiveX viewer for CE8. There is no built in
security, but we only distribute the shortcuts to the URL's to those who
should have access. The URL's are secured with network security and the
shortcuts are added to the users Vantage Favorites.
You are probably further down the path than you would want to be to
entertain this method, but if you have interest in more details let me know.

From what I understand Vantage 8 will make web distribution and therefore
the expensive licensing of Crystal Enterprise unneccessary.
There is supposed to be a version of Crystal Reports available through
Epicor that has a Run Time license included. Which means that reports can
be added into the Vantage Menu structure and run from within Vantage with no
distribution headaches or added costs. I have not verified this and don't
plan start playing with V8 for at least several months, but I am excited
about this.

Could somebody using or testing V8 please verify that my above statements
are accurate?

Brian Stenglein
Clow Stamping Co.

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> Sorry for the somewhat off topic post. I could not find any answer on
> the Crystal Reports website.
> I am exploring report distribution with RAS 9 ePortfolio light (
> shipped with Crystal Reports 9.0 Professional). I am using the HTML
> interactive viewer. When printing a report from the viewer it defaults
> to creating an PDF file first. Anyone know if I can change the printer
> default? Is it a defined in IIS? Anybody know if the Crystal 10 OEM
> version that Epicor sells includes any RAS functionality?
> Thanks
> Dan Shallbetter
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