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I assume that you are trying to link these tables to the customer master
table via ODBC? If you are you may want to give up now. Linking the
standard Vantage reports to the actual Progress tables via ODBC is extremely
flaky at best, and I have never been able to link it to more than one table.

Two other solutions to consider:

1) Re-write the packing slip in complete ODBC (creates some of it's own

2) Better yet, create a VBForm field in the packing slip header that
contains fields you need printed on the packing slip. Create a button on
the VBForm that calls a simply Progress procedure to copy the VBForm fields
from the customer master table into the VBForm in the packing slip header.
These fields are then readily available for printing on the standard packing

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I need to add a Vantage basic field from my Customer Table to my
Crystal Reports Packing Slip. The Ship head Table contains the CUSTID
as well as the CUSTNUM. Linking these fields does not work, however.
I'm assuming because of the join type. When I go into Visual Linking,
the Join types are grayed out. Can anybody tell why this is and or
how to correct this?