Crystal Record Selection


You could just rebuild the code used to determine the Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period

directly in the selection formula. Not the most optimum way to do it but it probably will work.

If not, did you specify evaluation time in your formulas? Using a BEFOREREADINGRECORDS function?

By using this function - your variable should be calculated BEFORE your start processing your record selection. Not sure this will allow you to use the variables in the selection formula.

Marianne Gizzi

Estes Group


Hi all,


I am building a report that uses a sub report in the report header to determine the current fiscal period and year based upon the date. This works fine it returns the correct values.  I created Shared memory variables in both the sub report and main report and they pass correctly.  I want to use this data in the selection process of records for the main report however when I open up the record selection wizard the shared variables are unavailable for selection. I tried creating formula fields for each memory variable but that was ineffective. I could swear I did this once before but for the likes of me I cannot find that report to use as an example.


Anybody have any thoughts?


Keith Mailloux