Crystal Report Problem with memo field

Well, I'd like to thank everyone for their help.

The solution end up having to do with the ODBC connection. I had created the ODBC connection via vbscript which caused the problem because ........ The "Test Data Source" had not been selected. 

I tested this on three other computers and the Memo field worked. Why? I dunno, but it works. I have disabled the script from my GPO and created a MSI to push out my ODBC connection and everything is working as expected.

Case Closed.

We are using crystal reports RTM to design reports and are accessing data from an SQL database.  The problem we are having is that any field with a type of MEMO will not display or print when we use the run time version (SP 12) to run the report. These fields will display and print when using the full crystal reports program (when the reports are designed and developed).  We have just recently upgraded the runtime version from (SP 3.0) and now this problem has started.  We could go back to the old runtime version but there were other issues that were fixed with new runtime version.


Any ideas.