Crystal - shared variables and sub reports

Hi All,

I'm tweaking the sales order acknowledgement report to make it work when
printing for more than one sales order at a time.

There were problems where the order line misc charges variable didn't
reset so charges on one order carried over to another order.

I fixed this but now this problem started happening with the order
header charges. It was working fine until I changed the order line

Both sub reports use a shared var to pass the totals back to the main

Both sub reports have a reset formula in the sub report header to set
the value to 0. This works in the line charges but not the header

I've also noticed this in another report where I used the same technique
with shared vars and one only is working.

Is this a bug with Crystal or do you have do something "special" when
using more than one sub report and both use a shard var to send vales

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