Hi Sarah

FYI The result of a call to epicor UK

>Dear Chris,

>Progress Software have provided a solution to log out users out based on the time spent idle. This as you are aware is >database specific and the utility works as coded. We have provided Vantage on the Progress platform because >Progress is a very efficient environment for our software. We are however unable to influence the development of >Progress software, all we can do is put forward an enhancement request to make the client time out user specific. As >with all software development, enhancements are provided based on "usability and saleability" and how many users >want the enhancement. We cannot guarantee that Progress will include this functionality within their software. If you >require user specific log outs then I suggest you purchase Mike Podlins utility. It must be noted by Professional >Welding Services that this utility is used at YOUR OWN RISK and Epicor will accept NO responsibly for any software >or data corruption resulting in the use of this software.

>To finalise the client timeout facility does work within the parameters that it was designed for and this call will be >classed as closed.

>If you wish to take this matter further then please reply to " " or " "

I think the substance here is "Tough". However, a word of warning you should note the phrase "works as coded". Essentially this means the routine may not do what is intended, but it does run. I believe this will be the strap line for the future and epicor's epitaph .

Mike Podlins utility works really well. I would suggest you download, install and pay the $100 he asks for.

You should also be aware that if you are on v4 the Progress utility will also log out any data collection gateways you have (bummer) :-(

HTH Regards Chris Reed

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