CustCnt Woes

Client has customers which represent resellers. Client’s customers have CustCnts that represents the customers’ customers.

By nature of high volume, there are frequent cases of people with the same name. While PerCon handles this gracefully, CustCnt does not. In the underlying Epicor logic the following conditions (as a whole) must be unique:

Company, Customer, ShipTo, FullName

Since there is only one shipTo, the FullName is the last changeable variable. I came up with a work around to append the DOB from the PerCon (a UD field) on to the CustCnt name. This solves the issue at hand as long as you disable the Sync Name feature (since this would modify the name of the linked PerCon as well). The customer is concerned that this will affect his reports and\or dashboards. Note – the issue on a report would be that it would list FirstName: Kim LastName Seng:11-11-1986 if the report pulls from the CustCnt.

As it stands, I am not privy to all of the reports\dashboards, and the customer doesn’t have an outright list either. If any of those reference the CustCnt name fields, there will be an issue. If they instead access the underlying PerCon there will not be an issue.

So a few questions to my esteemed friends:

  1. Does any one else have any ideas or work arounds for this issue?
  2. Is there a moderately easy way to determine the scope of the affect of the proposed workaround without having to crawl through each report\dash?

Addition, it’s kind of frustrating because according to data dictionary, the PK is: Company,CustNum,ShipToNum,ConNum

But despite this, the code called before update checks what I mentioned apparently for no good reason

Just feed this gif into your GIF -> BPM engine and it should fix it for ya :wink:


Lol. Thanks per usual @josecgomez