Custom button that deletes all the rows in a UDTable

Good day everyone. I have a really strange need to create a button that when clicked, deletes all of the rows in the UDXX table. I’ve dug through the forum and while I’ve found ways to do this via a BPM, i haven’t been able to find any ways to do this using the screen itself. It seems my main problem is getting the data. Using GetByID or DeleteByID requires me to pass in all of the key parameters (keys 1 - 5), but I can’t do that because I want all of the records regardless of these parameters. Should I look to another method?

Use GetList with no whereClause to get all the items available… but you are way better off doing this in BPM

Thank you Jose. I assume a BPM would be much faster ya? Perhaps I can use CallContextBPMData to “call” a BPM into action?

Yeah BPM is faster cause it doesn’t require calls over the network. You can use CallContext to pass data to the server, but you’ll still need to invoke some method in the back end to trigger a BPM… YOu could also do this via an updatable BAQ (same concept)


Thank you Jose. I’m going to try and force the BPM route because this will have to delete 10s of thousands of records at a time.