Custom Data View - Column Dropdown Empty

I’m trying to do a customization on the Handheld “Count Entry” screen, where I want to display the PartBin quantity for this WarehouseCode and BinNum.

The PartBin table isn’t available in the EpiBinding, so I’m trying to make a Custom Data view. However, when I select the tagView as the Parent View Name, it doesn’t give me any options in the Column Name dropdown (see image). Any ideas what I’m missing, or if there’s a better way to accomplish my goal?

You need to add a custom “Like” value to the column you want to use as the look up. This like value needs to match the Like value for the table you are trying to pull.
PartBin deesn’t really have any Like values you can use, you are probably going to want to consider embededBAQ and or embeded dashboard.

Thanks. Do you have any links to resources on embedding BAQs or Dashboards? The challenge I’m up against is that since it’s a Handheld menu, I can’t add a Sheet linked to a Subscribing Dashboard, I think I’m going to have to figure out how to update a form field element with a BAQ result triggered by a form event. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

For a single field return, you could try this:

        private decimal GetPartGrossWeight(string strPartNum)
			var session = (Ice.Core.Session)oTrans.Session; 
			var bo = WCFServiceSupport.CreateImpl<PartImpl>(session, PartImpl.UriPath);
			var ds = bo.GetByID(strPartNum);
			return ds.Part[0].GrossWeight ;
		} catch (Exception ex) {
			MessageBox.Show("Cannot locate PartUOM record: " + ex.Message) ;
			return 0;

I use this in full client screen customisation, not tried it in HH but should work just fine. It’s an example of the Part table, but you should be able to see what to change to use PartBin.