Custom GL Transaction Type

I’m trying to add a if to the AR GL Payment Type and getting errors. I need to have a custom line to exclude a division but can’t figure out how to add the right selection. How can I do it?

What exactly is the error?

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The issue is that the OP doesn’t know where to add a section to exclude running this posting rule when the division equals a specific value…

so they are asking where to add that logic.

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Is something like this what you are trying to do?

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This may help but How do I specify a division. In the GL structure 65 is the value I want to exclude.

I think the error might be because the IF is empty.
Try changing the IF clause to

= '65' instead of <> '65'

And add the

Call End Rule

I don’t see Call End Rule anywhere?

See my screenshot, select Operation and from the dropdown “Call” and then on the right side dropdown select “End Rule”

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I found it but it errored.

That End Rule needs to be one level to the right of the IF you added.

Again, see my screenshot.

You can drag and drop operation lines, or use right click and then Add/Insert.

It still doesn’t like the Call End Rule. Even if I duplicate the if statement.