Custom Screen Entry

Our company will resume normal operations on Monday and HR want to have the employees check in everyday, take their temperature and confirm that it is not above 100.4.

Below is my first intent on creating a custom screen, but I need some help.

Custom Screen

  1. How do I create a unique record?
  2. Can I have the employee number linked to the employee table? We would like to validate the entry by returning the employee name.
  3. How can we have the date default to the current date.

Where do you intend to ask this info?

Upon login into Epicor?
or MES user entry?
or both?

Is this requirement has to be made on every entry (login) , or just once per day?

Yes it will be both MES and login.
Only once a day temp will be required.

Sorry, on MES we will just add the program to a spare button.

seems like you could add a UDxx customization… key1 = employee#, key2 = date, key3 = time (for after lunch clockin)… then every time they clock in, you could have a pop-up from a BPM From that would ask the temp, and the BPM would save the new record into UDxx table.

Skip the UDXX UI customization just use a BPM form on login to collect your data, and whatever information they supply back use widgets to record to a UD table. From there customize Employee Entry to include a subscribed child to your UD table to see the log.

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For Key2, how can I get that to default and siaply the current date?

Use a BPM to set that date.

  • UI App route - on GetNewUDXX Post process set the Key2 field to today
  • BPM Form route - don’t include it in the form at all, and on UDXX.Update where RowMod is A set Key2 to today pre process

The second is preferable as it takes the logic out of the client and puts it on the server and all fits within the wizard model.

Awesome, this worked great. Thank you

One more follow up, after I hit save how can I clear the screen so the user doesn’t have to do this?

use the wizard for after tool click , save tool, run (im guessing) oTrans.Clear.

I’m not a C# person, anyway to do this another way?

Not particularly no. Without being a C# person your options are quite limited.

After some digging I got it to work; Thank you for your time, you got me down the correct path
-Form Event Wizard

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That looks about right, nice work!