Custom Stock Status SSRS Report

Hi all,
So Im attempting to add the part tran table to the stock status report however Im getting an interesting error that I havent seen before.
“Default value or value provided for the report parameter ‘PartNum’ is not a valid value.”
Which sounds fairly straight forward, except I have no idea why Im getting this error.
Here is my RDD:

And my organized code: (I can post my actual code too, I just thought a picture might be neater)

The only two parts that I have added is adding the T3.TranType variable along with the final inner join with PartTran and Part. If I get rid of my parts of the code, it runs fine.

Thanks again for any help!

Make sure you unexclude the fields you are linking by. I would also change the link of your join to Output instead of Definition Only.

Thanks for the reply! The fields I want are excluded already, sorry I shouldve mentioned that.
Also, if you dont mind me asking, what is the rationale of using output VS definition only?

They are supposed to mirror similar join types in SQL, however in my past I have had trouble getting the RDD to return data when i’ve tried to use definition only. I have no scientific data to back that up, just past memories. Wish i could give you more :frowning: