Customer and Supplier Tracker issues

We are on 10.2.300.10 and recently added a new company to our instance. I have not had a complaint before so not sure if issue and this feature was never used or another issue.

When the users go to Customer Tracker > Finance > Invoices > (ANY TAB)
When we click on the retrieve button nothing comes up for Open, Closed, ALL, Invoiced Lines…I clicked retrieve and nothing comes up…

has anyone seen this issue?

thanks Kim

Just trying to get this to the front again. has anyone seen this issue before??

Does this happen for all users? My thought is that it could be a CRM Security issue with Workforce.

We don’t have CRM. It is only with a few users it seems…

In company configuration, do you have the following checked:



EDIT: I didn’t see your post about it being only with a few users. If any of them get it, then it’s definitely not this.

I did double check this and it is checked. It appears to be only happening in our new company that was added recently. We went to multi-company.

If you do a BAQ for the customers, does it show any invoices?

UGH…see I didn’t even think about that. i will try that. Thanks.

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The way you resolve this is going into the Tracker, Customer Tracker or Supplier Tracker, then, Go to the Actions Menu, Click on Transaction History, it should be zero, so, delete what you have in there save settings, and there you GO!! . . . Your Information will be appearing just right there!!


TRACKERS.docx (74.1 KB)