Customer Consigned Material spin

We have to have that traceability a PO gives and want even more than we have
in Vantage already.

Just as you say, sometimes, we have to return material to a customer (or a
vendor) and then they send the same item (idential serial number) back to
us. We need to track that same serial number everywhere no matter how many
times we play volleyball with our customer and vendors over that same serial
number identified part. DMR & RMA have not currently provided that ability
and as I understand 4.0, we won't be able to do it then either.

One of our suggestions for post-Cairo enhancements is the ability to trace
material as it enters our plant with its heat code/forging numbers and then
keep traceability as we re-assign our internal serial number to it as it
travels through production in the plant and then, usually at time of
shipping, have the customer's serial number tied to that part as well.

Business issue: Customers who require sequential serial numbers and don't
want gaps in their serial numbers necessiate assigning their serial numbers
only to finished goods that pass final inspection. Yet, we need to have our
internal serial numbers attached to the material to track it through
production and sending to outside vendors.

We need to be able to trace all 3 sets of id/serial numbers. The first is
the forging/heat code number when the matertial enters our plant. (Heat code
numbers are not necessarily indiviual numbers that can identify a specific
part.) So, then we assign the internal serial number assigned to it once to
carry it through production. Finally, the customer serial number is usually
assigned as a part is ready to ship. One part, 3 numbers. We need the
serial number tracker to be able to cross reference all these numbers.

Deb Wilmoth
Reeder & Kline Machine Company, Inc.

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We also use the purchase order routine with parts costing $0. If you want
to simplify, just make quantity adjustments to increase inventory when
parts come in. As for shipping parts back with paperwork, reject from
stock to a DMR, reject in the DMR will get you a packing slip, etc..

Greg Clauser
Lakin General Corporation
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We also do quite a bit of work using material consigned by our
customers. At present we do not 'receive' the customers material into
Vantage. We are looking for a process where we can have an audit
trail of what the customer sent along with our normal order process
that shows what went out. Is anyone using a process other than
creating and receiving a PO? The PO process sounds good, but it
requires many extra steps.

To top it off, at times we need to return some of the customer
consigned material, and we would like to have a packing slip to
accompany it and for our records. Again, has anyone developed a
process to support these requirements.


Gordon Marble

> We do alot of Zero Balance P.O.'s for tracking our returns. This
> are shipping/receiving is able to receive them in and we have a
easy way
> of tracking. Our Vendor 99% of the time sends us a zero balance
> invoice for that part also. In 3.0 we entered the invoice in. But
> Tuesday we went to 4.0, now we get an error not allowed a zero
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> Dina
We recieve customer consigned materials also, what we do is create a single po and use it for a year. Simply add a release line to the existing po.

Shirley Graver
Sys Admin
Rubber Associates