Customer contact record updated Employee record in error! Help!

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Here is a customer contact record that was recently updated by one of our users to include last name. Prior to this, the contact only had a first name “Terri” and a phone number. User updated record to include last name (Terri “A”) and saved. However, I think the user may have inadvertently selected an existing “Person” (a prior employee) when she updated the record.

It seems that when she updated the contact record, it prompted a name and phone number change to a prior employee’s record (Terri “B”)

Is there any way to undo this? Payroll records are now attached to Terri “A” and there is no longer any reference to the employee’s name, Terri “B”.

Any ideas?

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If Terri B still has an unaffected Person record, you can reassociate the employee with that record. Just replace the person record shown in your screenshot with the correct one.

If contact info was overwritten, I would restore a backup of the database from before the change to a test environment, and get the information from there.

Thank you for your response! So it appears that Terri “A”'s Person/Contact record was written over with part of Terri “B”'s info.

I went ahead and created a new Contact/Person record for Terri “A”:

And then in correct Employee record, I pulled in “Terri A” from Person/Contact search. Looks good until I save, and then I get an error that since there is a payroll record associated, the last name cannot be changed:


Gievn that error, I can’t see how we changed the name associated with this payroll record in the first place. I am at a loss and helpdesk wants to recreate behavior in test enviro, which I can’t seem to do.

Blah. Any further insights or workarounds?

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Unfortunately, I don’t have the payroll module, so I can’t test that. It does seem like it shouldn’t have been possible to change the name in the first place!

Maybe try turning off the “Sync Name” etc checkboxes, see if that makes a difference. And if you’ve got access to the test environment, try opening both Terri records in Person/Contact Maintenance and see what kinds of Context Links they have associated. You can move those links between person/contact records, using Maintain Links on the Action menu, but it’s NOT intuitive so try it a few times before doing it in Live! Hopefully you can move both the Employee and the Payroll Employee links to the correct Terri.

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Hello, Take a look at the related person contact records and look at the relationships for starters.

If you don’t have access to SQL then use a BAQ and create a query on erp.perconlnk. This will show you all the relationship and the sysrow id’s of the other related tables. That should help you understand where things have gone wrong.

The other thing is that you should be able to change name details on the person contact record. If sync name is enabled it should update any context records related to that Person Contact.

Thank you! I was trying to update name on the wrong record and missed the “name details” tab. I am so happy to have this resolved.

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