Customer Groups, Price Lists, and Discounts

I am very new to Epicore. I am trying to wrap my head around the relationships between the customer groups, price lists, and discounts.

My company just used additional price lists to create the discounts, which was easy to do but fell short on some reporting we wanted.

We now have 2 price lists, and with that, we have 4 different categories within them. We ran the DMT to assign the price lists, and we are about to run a DMT to assign all of the customers to their respective discount levels.

Thinking about this could I have just used customer groups and assigned each customer to them and assigned the price lists and discounts to those?

Any insight would be helpful.

This case has a document named “Customer Pricing”. That will show you have to do with Price List and Customer/ Customer Group.

Unit Price is inherited: Ship To > Customer > Customer Group > Part Maintenance

You can assign Price List/ Discount Price List to each level Ship To > Customer > Customer Group