Customer Master Default ShipTo or blank

So i have bpm that works when defining the ship to other than the default it will update all of the necessary business related information. Is it possible to update the Blank shipto with the UD fields on the ShipTo’s tab or table.

Or do i have to add the same fields to the Customer Master?

  • When a new customer is created, a ShipTo record is automatically created with the ShipToNum being blank in both the Customer and ShipTo tables…

  • When there are changes made to the Customers info, the related info on the ShipTo record (with the ShipToNum = blank) is also updated.

  • When a new Shipto Is Added, the original ShipTo (with blank ShipToNum), remains.

I don’t think changes to ShipTo record where ShipToNum = '', are back propigated to the customer record. So changing them on the SHipTo table may cause the info between the Customer record and the ShipTo record to get out of sync.