Customer part number not filling in every other?

So I’ve got some weird behavior and I think that this is a stock Epicor bug, but I’m not 100% sure. I have a BPM on Erp.BO.Quote.ChangePartNum and Erp.BO.Quote.ChangePartNumMaster but I’ve disabled them both, and run the screen in base mode, and still seem the same behavior.

What seems to be happening is the customer part cross reference will only get filled in if it’s blank before you change the part number. You can see if the GIF that when you rotate between 3 numbers, the proper information will fill for all of the numbers at some point, so the data is there.

Would anyone be willing to set up that test. Have a customer with 2 or more cross reference part numbers, and change the part number in the quote and see if the customer part number fills in correctly?


For what it is worth, I confirmed the same behavior in 10.2.700.29 - Customer Part number only populates correctly if it is empty before changing the PartRev field. If Customer Part has anything in it before changing PartRev, that text is not updated.

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