Customer Part Number Order Update

We need to add a lot of customer cross reference part numbers into the system. When testing, I noticed that any open order lines have to be deleted and re-entered in order to update with the customer xref.

Is there anyway around this that you guys know of?


You could use DMT to do it. One way is to query out the order detail lines (at least company, ordernum, orderline, partnum, and customer part num), paste it into a spreadsheet, do a vlookup to pop in the customer part number, and then DMT update it back to order detail. You might not want to do this on a regular basis.



Thanks Joe. I’m a little weary of muddling with my open customer demand, but that might be the best way to do it. That, or just wait until this demand is cleaned up and allow future orders to pickup the customer xref.


I’d definitely check to make sure that the DMT update of an orderline doesn’t reset anything like prices, discounts, product groups, etc… Especially if any of those were manually entered.

For example, if the part master has XYZ-123 having a PrdGrp of PG001, but on the order it was changed to PG002 (say it’s an application specific reason), does a DMT update of that order line revert the PG back to PG001?