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Good morning all.

Is there any way that I can "change" a customer part # listed in order
entry for one of our part #'s and make it "stick"? We work in the gas
utility industry, and our customers are constantly getting bought out by
another customer, therefore their part #'s then change. I have not seen
that there is a way to override the customer part# all ready in the
system. No matter how many times I change it, it still defaults with the
original customer # I entered tied to our part#. This is poor planning
on Epicors part, in my opinion. The other problem I run in to is that a
customer of mine might change their specs on a particular part, we do as
well then. We end up changing to a new part # for the revision though,
where they keep their original part #. Well then by default if you enter
a line item by the customer part # (as I do to ensure the correct part#
gets entered-we have hundreds of parts that are just the tiniest bit
different and it is very easy to make a mistake), it will always point
back to our "old" number which is wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :-)

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