Customer Ship Entry - App Studio layer messing with core functionality?

So, I’m thinking of rebuilding the customization at this point, unless I can find a quick fix. We’re running 2024.1.6 on-prem, not yet in production.

I’ve added a layer to Customer Shipment Entry. The customization was originally built in 2023.2 then upgraded, I’m pretty sure this was working on 2024.1. I’ve added various buttons to call functions, added a BAQ based dataview, panel grids to display, added UD fields to the screen. Nothing really too wild and out there.

When I run the layer now, I have two things that are really making this pretty unusable. First, 2024.1 reconfigured the navigation on the side, and there’s a “Shipment Lines/Line Detail” link under the “related pages”. When I run custom, I can click on that link and it pulls up the Ship Details page in full screen. With my cusotm layer, that is grayed out until I actually create a line. So, I’m forced to add my shipment line in the grid view from the Header view, I can’t get to the full detail screen until I save.

Then, the big kicker - the “New Line” icon (the “+”) is missing from the Line Detail panel. So, if I’m working from the Line Detail view and want to add a second line, I have to go back to the lines grid view from the header and find the + there. Again, this works fine when running this without any customizations.

I have not done anything in the customization with any of the controls. I’m not messing with the data views and trying to override anything.

Unfortunately, this is time sensitive, so I’m likely going to bite the bullet and rebuild from scratch. It’s one of those where I can probably rebuild it in like 4-5 hours versus taking days and days trying to fix it. But I thought it would be worth a quick post here - maybe someone else has seen this?

I like the direction of app studio, but it sure reminds me a lot when the jump from Vantage 6 to Vantage 8.03 was made. You did a lot of interim saves and backed it up - because you never knew when one modification would mess everything up.


This has been my experience. I had one where if I resized more than one column between publishing, the entire grid card would be empty.

I would just rebuild it.