Customer Shipment Entry - PackOut functionality - is it available in Kinetic 2021.1

We primarily use PackOut tab functionality in Customer Shipment Entry for our customer shipments. I noticed when I updating our test environment to 10.2.700.15 there are no Kinetic Customer Shipment Entry PackOut functionality included.

Does anyone with access to Kinetic 2021.1 know if the PackOut functionality is available there?


Hi Kristine,

We are going to Kinetic also. Looking at Customer shipment, it looks like they just rolled Packout into the regular line entry. Say you are filling Sales order 1, add lined( entering Order Number) select line and release qty, bin etc…When you add a new line, it defaults to last (Sales) Order number.
Move to (Sales) Order 2, repeat steps as in Order 1.

Hope this helps


@DeanMiller Thank you!
In Kinetic 2021.1 Packout will be a separate menu item and not included in the Customer Shipment Entry screen as it is today. I haven’t seen the Packout screen in Kinetic 2021.1 yet. I am anxious to see how it’s working in order to see how it fit with our current packing processes.

I just took a sneak peek at the Packout, and it appears to work just like the traditional packout screen. Since the screens are still under development, I haven’t seen how the screens interact. Keep watching.

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