Customer Shipment Entry - Ship To (V8.803.305)

Wondering what others have done to handle this problem.

On Customer Shipment Entry there is the Drop Down box to choose the
Ship To but instead of it presenting the Ship To ID it presents the
First Line of the Ship To Address. Now in some of our OCustomers the
Ship To can have the same exact First Line fo the Address so whent he
shipper goes into Customer Shipment Entry they are humting through this
Drop Down box until the find the right address that matches there Pick

The one obvious soltuion would be to change the First Line of the
Address to have it identified uniquely somehow but some Sales People
just have a hard time grasping this concept. My thought was to attempt
to replace that drop down box to not present the First Line but the
Ship To ID but in looking at it I truly do not know how I would do that.

Any thoughts would be appriciated.

Scott Litzay