Customer shipment qty to follow at a specific point in time

On our packing slip produced via the customer shipment process we show the remaining quantity against the referenced order line/release as a calculated value labelled qty to follow - matches the remaining qty calculated field on the customer shipment screen.

We occasionally need to reprint customer shipment documentation, sometimes several days after the original shipment. When we do this the qty to follow reflects the current real time qty remaining (ie required qty less (qty shipped from job + qty shipped from inventory) based on all completed packing slips for that. This will invariably be a different value to the value of that field when the original packing slip was printed.

As much as I can understand why the system works this way, I have gotten into a bit of a chicken/egg dialogue with our shipping team as they believe that the qty to follow on the packing slip should become fixed once you have made the packing slip status of “shipped” and it has been invoiced.

I’m unaware of any field/functionality that holds this point in time value and whilst I can see a few directions I can go in to address this I was just wondering if anyone else has had to address this and how you went about it?

I can see two ways…

You can set the number of days a print can stay on the server, then if you need to reprint…it is always available…if within the days set. But a bit of a pain to retreive … :wink:

Another solution (we followed that path) is any customer paperworks/emails are saved as pdf under the customer folder on the server. So any info is easily retrievable if needed for future reference.


A third - and much more involved - solution would be to create UD fields to save snapshot of the dynamic info (like qty remaining), with the Packer. This is the “data solution”, but @Hogardy’s are much simpler.

I almost had to do this to save the Ship To address for packers, as they are only referenced - not saved. Because reprinting a packer after someone changes a ship to address, and the new packer no longer matches the original.

This is the chicken/egg scenario I am afraid. We generate hundreds of packing slips each week and do not file copies of the original as we can reprint from E10 - we get returned signed copies back and file these but on occasions the originals that go with goods go missing in transit and customer asks us to reprint.

The specific scenario why I have been asked to look at this is that when we reprinted and sent to a customer an extremely pedantic goods inwards person at our customer site flagged that the reprinted delivery note said no more were to follow, but he had “later” delivery notes that seemed to contradict this - we were able to explain it as being a point in time issue but I have been asked if there is anything we can do to capture this value at point in time and show on the delivery note. My concern is that an equally pedantic goods inward person at a customer could take the opposing view - “why are you showing a historic goods to follow” when you have made subsequent shipments.

Calvin’s suggestion is where I was leaning towards - although my preference was that given how rarely this happens they just score it out.

Would they accept a reprint that excluded the “qty to follow”?

If so make a report style with that info hidden, and only use it for reprints.