Customer Specific Message Windows for Order Entry

Looking to add something that would prompt the user with a pre-defined, customer-specific message when entering a sales order. For example, after I type the customer name in the sold-to field on the sales order, a window pops up with a message for the person entering the order to be aware of. For example, “All orders ship via customer’s FedEx acct #xyz, unless stated otherwise on their PO.”

Method Directive would be the way to do this. Notify the user after SoldTo is entered.

I wouldn’t do a BPM for this though - just set the default ship via on the customer master and the order will automatically get that information. Then train customer service not to change it unless its different on the PO.
Another thing we did for stuff like this was customize order entry to display the comments from the customer master - that way any important information is visible to them without having to click back to the customer master or without having to click through yet another popup message.

Thank you! Where on the customer master did you input the comments? And what is required to make the comments display when the order is entered?

We added a text area for it above all the other comments, but it could be added anywhere in order entry:

The text area displays the comments from the Comments on the customer master.

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To get it to display, I added a field for customer comment to the Transview:

Then I added an event to get the customer details that calls a simple function and updates the value in the transview:

Then I added two more events to call the first event - one AfterGetByID and one AfterCustomerIDChange


Then I added a new text area component and bound it to Transview.CustomerComment:

If I wanted to add a text area to display data that was already in the forms dataset, I would only have to do the very last step (because the field would have already been in the built-in data views). Unfortunately I didn’t see a data view for customer in order entry so that’s why all the other steps were needed.