Customer Tracker (File -> Recent errors out) - 10.2.400

Anyone on 10.2.400 able to test something for me? Open customer tracker, load customer, click clear, then go to File -> load the recent customer.

For us, it just loads our Company ID in the customer box and displays a “Record Not Found” error.

Does it for me in 10.2.400.5 (Live) and 10.2.400.11 (TEST)

It works, or it shows “record not found” for you?

Shows record not found.

Thanks. I’ve confirmed this with another 10.2.400 environment.

This has been submitted as a problem and has not been resolved as of 10.2.400.11

Did this ever get resolved? Or do you have a link to the problem report?

We’re now on 10.2.700 and it works. We didn’t get any update for it while on 10.2.400

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