Customer Tracking Module


We have the same problem here. Give them access to Customer Maintenance and not Customer Tracker. The only problem here is the can change the information, but they do not have access to invoices, orders etc.

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Dan Nichols wrote:

> I have a dilemma and I am curious if anyone else is having the same issue.
> In the Customer Tracker module you obviously have access to all customer
> history. This includes the ability to view aging, payment history, g/l
> distribution, etc...
> In our industry (plastic injection mold design and build) we have several
> employee's who must provide updates on projects and make frequent contact
> with our customers. I cannot find a method of providing access to the
> customer database without giving them it all. Is this a problem for others?
> and if any of you have found a workaround short of a printed list what was
> it?
> Thanks for the feedback.
> Daniel A. Nichols
> General Manager
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