Customization: Data Tools Foreign Key View not Useable

I am attempting to include a field from a table in a form it is not standard in. The PO Tracker form has the UserFile table’s DcdUserID field as EntryPerson, and I need to reference the Name field of the UserFile table. I tried using the Data Tools Custom Views to create a link between POHeader’s EntryPerson and UserFile’s DcdUserID fields, but the EntryPerson field is not listed in the available Column Names as a Foreign Key.

Is there a way to link the UserFile table to the POHeader in Data Tools or include the UserFile Name field in some other manner?

There are a couple ways of handling this:

  1. Add an EpiCombo to the screen and have the value be the DcdUserID and the text be the name
  2. Update the Extended Properties Like value of POHeader.EntryPerson to be UserFile.DcdUserFile and do what you were attempting originally.
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I have tried a combination of both methods, and neither has worked. The EpiCombo is set to EpiBinding POHeader.EntryPerson and will only list the DcdUserID, even when the ExtendedProperties Like value is changed. The Data Tools Custom Column Like tab verifies that EntryPerson /should/ be UserFile.Name, but it still displays the UserFile.DcdUserID. The UserFile table will still not be shown as a valid Foreign Key connection to POHeader in Foreign Key View. This has all been tested even after saving the customization and restarting Epicor.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but there is Problem PRB0205566 that applies to at least We haven’t been able to get “LIKE” working, and it did in 10.0.700.4, so that’s put a stop to some of our 10.2 testing…

I am using version 10.1.500.8

Could you screenshot the Extended Property of the POHeader.EntryPerson?

Here is the extended property as DcdUserID and the customization field property

Here is the extended property as Name and the customization field property

Each time the field showed the DcdUserID value in the field.

In both cases this is what the Foreign Key View available columns looked like

Sometimes it’s easier to use a BAQCombo when the standard ones aren’t behaving.

Create a BAQ with DcdUserID and Name, put a BAQCombo on the form with UserFile_DcdUserID as the value and UserFile_Name as the description. Technically that’s what the normal combo should be doing anyway, but they can behave strangely at times.

UserFile is an oddity anyway in many ways, and there’s some strange interplay between Erp.UserFile and Ice.SysUserFile.

This can be a simple EpiCombo as well. Make the Value property the DcdUserID and the Display property the Name.

Not sure if this helps but a while back, I also had problems adding certain tables as a FKV . The workaround was using a BAQView. The support agent gave me a code sample and also created PRB0190779: SUGGESTED ENHANCEMENT: Add a Customization Wizard to allow Customers to create a BAQView PURPOSE or BUSINESS CASE: In some cases, a Foreign Key View (FKV) cannot be used to bring an External table, like Company, into a Form as a ReadOnly View. Epicor allows a BAQView to do this, but doing so requires adding custom code to the Customization. So requesting a Customization Wizard for BAQView be added, so the User does not have to be a Programmer to create a BAQView.

I can post what he gave me if there is interest.

I don’t think this enhancement is available yet.

So I just tested this very scenario and found the answer. Once you have the Extended Properties set, you need to log out of Epicor and log back in. Then the FKV shows the field.

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I tested the EpiCombo box with Display = UserFile.Name and Value = UserFile.DcdUserID, and the FKV, both instances with Extended Like as DcdUserID and Name, exiting out of and reopening Epicor once changes were made.

In both cases, the EpiCombo box still only showed the DcdUserID, and the FKV did not show the EntryPerson as a viable field.

If you use the EpiCombo, You will need the BO set.

That’s the step I was missing, it is working now.

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