Customization - Help getting a text box to be used as a search for a dashboard


I created a dashboard to search for all product codes in the part table. Works fine except that I created a Tracker view to be able to filter by Product Code (Part.ProdCode). Unfortunately, it will not let me enter the product code. It only does a drop down list which I do not want.

I tried deploying and adding to menu as an assembly dashboard. Did a customization and added a text box. Did an EpiBinding to: V_MPD_ProductCodeTracker_1View.Part_ProdCode

It said ReadOnly = False. I saved it, closed it, closed the screen, and re-opened the customization. It now says ReadOnly = True and will not let me change it.

Maybe I am going about this wrong. Anybody out there know how to add a text box to search through a certain column?

All help is appreciated.




In a couple of instances I’ve created another control like your text box and added an “on text changed” event to it. When the text changes I stuff the value into the original control in the tracker. It’s been in reverse, though. I’ve created a dropdown box that I load values into manually and stuff them in a text box.

Maybe the easiest would be: Create a calculated field in your query that’s a copy of your product code field. That way it wouldn’t have the “like” column information and you’d get a text box for searching, instead of the dropdown. You just wouldn’t display the calculated field.

See if that helps.



did u set tracker control = true? and the conditions?



@jdtrent you are the man!

The calculated field gave me exactly what I wanted without becoming a giant hassle.

Works like a charm now.