Customization on our Old Vantage 8 server, would like to reference and rebuild in 10

A year ago we finished our upgrade/migration to Epicor 10 on DT. For the most part, everything we used to do on 8 is in 10 and it works well. There is one feature that I believe was a customization in 8 that our AR team misses, and I want to help them get it back if possible.

In 8, our Invoice Comment was populated with a list of all of the invoices that a finance charge invoice was referencing when we created in invoice for a finance charge. So, if there were 3 open invoices that had a finance charge computed for a customer, we would issue one FC invoice and it would have in its comment the invoice number and more information about the others, each on a line. This doesn’t happen in 10 and is either a configuration setting I’ve not found, or was a customization or discontinued feature in 8.

Assuming it was a customization, I do have access to the old server in a VM environment for reference. Where would I start to look to find this? Am I crazy to think that there could be value in referencing the old server, or should I try to build this from scratch?

I assume I’d be in a BPM building this, and I’ve never done any, but I’m willing to get in and get my hands dirty to recreate this. I’d just like to save some time if possible.

Does anyone have something like this already built? Is this a customization after all, or is it a config item I’m not finding? Anyone ever referenced Vantage 8 and built a customization in 10 using that info?

Looking at the standard report, I see that it pulls in the charges per invoice like we want. I’m going to tackle this from the reporting side and see if I can get the information I need in to the report style for the old report. I’m also looking into modifying the SSRS report to be acceptable for the business but that is a longer path than fixing the Crystal Report for now.

Copy the old CR based report they used for printing FC invoices in V8, to the E10 server, and add a Report Style pointing to it.

This would tell you if it’s all done in the report, or the report requires a modified RDD,

You might need the install the CR Runtime on your workstation - unless you’re already running CR based reports in E10

I figured it out I think. The issue was that in 8 it was copied into the comment field but in 10 there is an InvoiceCharges group in the xml. I had to add a sub-report into CR to recreate how it worked in 8 but they are happy with it.