Customization on Project Memo not loading

I have a customization on our Project Entry screen, this loads and works perfectly. I have been asked to add a customization to the Memo on Project Entry. I have done this and saved the customization with the same name as that on the Project Entry. However, when I open Project Entry and select Memo the customization does not load. If I use Developer mode I get the option to select the customization on the Memo and it loads. is there a step I have missed here?
Any help or advice appreciated.

You could try changing the customization in Menu Maintenance for the Memo Entry form (look under Processed in the tree)/ However, this is likely to change the default customization for all memo forms. I am not sure how to set the customization for just that one memo form.

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You can use process calling maintenance to redirect your call of Ice.UI.MemoEntry to your desired menu item or Process ID. Run the form in developer mode and take note of the information that pops up. This is showing you that it is calling XAMemo. So, as @NateS has said, you can add the customization to the XAMemo menu item, but then it would change for all instances of the memo.

Instead, you can add a process calling maintenance entry to redirect this specific instance to a new menu item or process that you create that is also tied to XAMemo, and also has your customization bound.

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A bit off topic, but related, if the subform that your opening (say like a popup) make sure the Parent and the subform have the same customization name.

Hi @NateS @josephmoeller and @Hally.
Thanks so much for your replies. I got this working today using Joseph’s solution. It seems that merely using the same name for the customization of a submenu, a procedure that I have used many times in the past, does not work in this instance. Joseph’s solution works perfectly and the customization is only visible when Memo Entry is called from Project Entry.
Thanks again guys for taking the time to help.