Customization open different panels depending on data

I am trying to customize the Lot screen by adding different panels to it. Then having the different panels being associated to the part class. So the right panel should be opened when a new part number is selected.
I hope it makes sense and wonder if anyone has done anything similar?

Do you mean you have, lets say six panels, and only want to display one of those panels depending on the selected part’ class ? I’ve not done that exactly, but there are a few ways to do this. I would set them up as an array of tabs, then during the relevent view notification (or field changed event) hide all but the appropriate panel. I think when only one panel in a group is visible, the tab header dissappears so it wont look tabbed.

If a panel belongs to only one part class, then I’d name the panel something like PanelPartClassxxxxx where xxxxx is the ID of the associated part class, that way you can hide all panels with a name starting with “PanelPartClass” and only make visible the one with name equivalent - very little code.

Thanks for the tip, I will follow your example.