Customization to stop refreshing other Views

On many of my Dashboards I have secondary views that trigger once you select a line on the main grid. For example, the main grid on this DB publishes Part Number, so as soon as you select a line, Part Number is published and filtered on the secondary views.

DB’s built like this can get slow sometimes. Is there a way with a Customization to stop refreshing secondary views? I was thinking like adding a Checkbox to my Tracker view with a Customization, if its checked then update the secondary views.


The secondary views are probably set to auto refresh with a time of -1. I believe this means to force a one time update, the instant the parameters of the view changes. The down side to turning off Auto refresh would be that the user would have to manually refresh. You could add a button do the refresh.

That is exactly how they are set up. That is probably why Epicor has this nice little “Retrieve” buttons scattered everywhere for the secondary views.

I’m wondering if adding a CallContextDataBPM.CheckBox01 on the Tracker, that gets read by the BAQ, and only run the BAQ only if it is true.