Customization Tools: Properties - Add Parent & ChildIndex property fields

I’m finding that some of our UI customizations got broken from our 10.0 to 10.2 upgrade. Many of the fixes are updating the XML to change the Parent guid to the proper group box, or changing the Child Index so it’s sequential.

If these properties were available on the Customization Tools Dialog box, then it would be a ton easier and faster than having to export the XML, search for it, paste in the corrected GUID, then paste or import back in the XML (and a heck of a lot less intimidating).

This would also make it super easy to move fields to different groups or tabs by adjusting the parent guid and child index.

(or, am I doing things wrong and there’s a better way???)

Well…I found a “quick” way that suited my issue … during the conversion, the parent was no longer present… So I had multiple controls (controls that I added originally) with a zombie parent…
So I went into the XML personalized properties , and sorting by property I was easily changing the parent. And needed also to change it into controls panel as well. That worked. after restarting the form.

But I agree with you about offering another way to change this settings would add flexibilty.


I must be missing something here. Did the customization maintenance procedure for upgrade not help with this issue?

After verifying all our customizations, I had 3 UD02 customized forms where they were all missing the top pane section where selection controls were placed. I was going to redo the job when I tought of looking into the XML. I noticed they were all in the XML, So I changed the parent GUID with a new one from a new sheet panel I added. That worked, they came all back.

Originally I used the epiTreeViewPanel1 to place my controls… I guess it did no like that. Even tough that same GUID exists in the new version… So I guess a glitch in the conversion process…?


Pierre - I’ve got similar in Customer Entry where a custom group box on the Customer > Details tab and all the controls in it disappeared completely from the customization tree pane after converting to 10.2.300 (from 10.0.700). I checked the XML, and the Parent GUID is set to the Details tab guid (same as it was in 10.0), yet it just doesn’t show up … Anyways, that’s a different thread I think…

Dan DiEsposti’s KB article has some good info: EpicCare Login - EpicCare