Customizations: EpiCombo Available EpiBOs?

So this is a mystery that I’ve wondered about a few times and I’ve never bothered asking until now:
Per this screenshot, what determines which EpiBO’s are listed in Customization Properties for an EpiCombo? For instance Business Categories and ABC Codes are not an option. Why would they be missing? I’ve opened an Epicor Case too, but I didn’t know if someone else knew or how to cause them to show up?

What happens if you type the BO in directly? Does it “take”?

It doesn’t reject it, but it doesn’t ‘accept’ it either.
Usually when you select a value it populates all the other properties.
I’m considering piecing together the other values (mostly guesses) and see if it works.
I’ve been looking at the records of the ZBODataSets and similar tables trying to determine which records and values are and are not included.

Ok @Aaron_Moreng I manually set all the properties and it seems to work.
I also opened a Case with Epicor asking about how the EpiBOName is populated as I suspect the list is not current. Business Category was added @ 10.0 and I might have been missed this whole time and there maybe others.
Thanks for the suggestion!


@Rick_Bird I’ve often wondered if there is a list of the available BOs somewhere in a DLL or in SQL. For instance, I want to use BOReader but don’t always recall the name of the business object. Do you know if these are documented or listed in a file somewhere?

You can try this link using your EpicWeb credentials. For earlier Epicor versions change the filename to match the version (i.e. 102500)

@danbedwards Thanks! Is it safe to assume anything with a GetRows method can be invoked via BOReader?

Yes - that should be the case.