Customizations not saving

Anyone come across an issue with SSRS Printer Form not saving form event wizard code? When I reopen customization the code additions have gone completely and I notice duplication in Custom XML editor. The code is there under a new public class script…

Thanks in Advance.

Yes, customization only saves when opened from base.
If you want to reuse same customization name you need to:

  1. Copy script code to notepad and save picture of used custom assemblies with snipping tool.
  2. Close SSRS printer form and customization.
  3. Reopen SSRS printer form.
  4. Delete the customization.
  5. Open the base.
  6. Paste your saved script code into the script editor.
  7. Add custom assemblies.
  8. Test if compiling.
  9. Do your changes now before you save the customization on exactly the same name as it was before. Before saving the code copy all code to new instance of notepad.
  10. Close form and test.
  11. If it is not working as expected you need to start all over again at point 3 above.