Customizing Mass Issue To Mfg

In the Mass Issue To Mfg screen in Epicor 10, when you clicked the Issue All button, and clicked OK, a warning pop-up dialog appears if any of the issued part will result in a negative on-hand quantity.

If the user clicks No, it moves all the items from the Completed state to the Open state.

In Vantage 8, it left them in the Completed state. Right now, the only way I can find to replicate the Vantage 8 behavior is to modify the client source, which is something I’d like to avoid. Is there any other way to accomplish this? There seems to be no way to do this with a form customization.

Hi Daniel,

We have a couple of places to pull parts from, the primary bin, then the another one that might have some. To facilitate this, we have a Post Process bpm on MassIssueToMfg.BuildMassIssue to fix up the warehouse/bins to what we want, based on QOH. I think you could do a bpm for your application as well. Fill out the fields in the grid, based on what you have and what you’re taking so that you won’t get the negative on-hand dialog at all. Set those to pull zero or what you have.


Hi Nancy,

Could you provide me insight on this by chance? How does this BPM work and what is the purpose? Are you saying that if you have 5 parts in the primary bin and the other bin has 10. If you have an demand for 8, the BPM defaults the bin with the most QOH for issuing?