Cycle Count Activity AFTER Count

I am new to cycle counting and trying to determine how Epicor will deal with part activity after a count is entered. The parts were counted on 9/1 and are only now being entered into Count Entry. A lot of these parts have had transactions done after we counted. Count Entry suggests the value in “Activity Before Count” but I would think I would want to leave that 0. How would these later transactions then be adjusted?

I believe we should consider the suggested value in “Activity Before Count” .

As per Field help
Manually entered by the user to account for ongoing activity that took place during the count. Inventory activity that took place AFTER the start of the count FrozenQOH), but BEFORE the actual count. This number is used to adjust the “FrozenQOH” when determining the variance between the Frozen Quantity and the Actual Counted Quantity. Example: At 1:00 the count is started and the computer has 250 units on hand for part XYZ. At 1:30 75 units are issued to a job. At 2:30 John counts 175 units. The variance report would report a variance of 75 units and show the issue as activity. The user could then decide that the issue took place before the count took place and enter 75 units into the Activity Before Count field in Tag Maintenance. The variance report would then “expect” 175 units and have a count of 175 units for a variance of zero(0).


The basic equation is (What you counted) - [ (FrozenQOH) + (Activity Before Count) ] = variance to be adjusted.

Notice that it’s about the frozen count (at the moment you launch “start count sequence”) and not the on-hand today.

So if your counts are accurate as of 9/1, then yes absolutely make it zero for Activity Before Count. Don’t do any math.

But if you froze the count on 9/1 yet didn’t actually go out there to count it until today, then you would need to use Activity Before Count, (Personally I’d just refreeze instead.)

BIG WARNING: The system might fill in Activity Before Count by itself and you may need to zero it by hand.

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