Cycle Count by ABC Code "A" only

We’ve DMT’d, in our test environment, manual ABC codes based on warehouse location. Hoping we can cycle count by BIN. We’ve written a BAQ which give us Part Number/Prim BIN Aisle/Warehouse so we can easily identify parts & location. Secondly, we’ve assigned a code to each Aisle and want only to do the parts selection for cycle count for that Aisle only i.e. Aisle 1 = ABC Code “A”; Aisle 2 = ABC Code “B”; etc. Is there a method to only selection a specific ABC Code?

Why count the A’s separately? If you don’t plan on counting B’s and C’s, just exclude them in ABC Code Maintenance.

Or you could create letter Z, exclude that, and then in Part Entry assign all the non-count parts to Z.

I wonder if you could exclude B’s and C’s, assign A parts to the schedule, then include B’s and C’s and make a separate schedule for them. AFAIK, Epicor won’t double dip and re-assign parts that have been already assigned to a schedule.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear…This period we are counting the A’s, next period the B’s etc etc… there are no exclusions.

It sounds like you want to do a full physical count and then select specific bins…
I would ask what if you have a part in both A and another Aisle?

another possible “odd” option would be to make each Aisle a separate warehouse. Epicor already supports physical inventory by warehouse. Then you simply select which “warehouse” you want to inventory.
In most cases, “warehouses” are simply “Super bins”… or a collection of bins.

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Tim, this may get a bit convoluted when Picking Jobs/Sales Orders and inbound freight receiving…

You know how you never should use a Base BPM? I think Cycle Part Selection might be the only case I can think of. I am amazed at the different ways companies want to select parts. For example, in addition to regularly scheduled items, our Materials Manager ALWAYS counts parts active on the previous business day. He figures, if there’s going to be an error, it will most likely be in that universe of parts. He hasn’t had to do a wall-to-wall inventory in over ten years and always passes periodic audits.

So, maybe a Base BPM might work for you?

Mark W.

Thanks everyone, I’ve got a great team working on various solutions.