Cycle Count Period displaying label for wrong site

We have 2 sites. MHS and EVC
I have checked and I created a period in MHS using naming convention YYYY-MM-[SITE]
So when I go into cycle count maintenance in MHS and search for cycles it shows me the correct period.

Cycle Count Period is correct

Now I have periods in each site that have the same start and end dates. But it is displaying the description of the EVC site when you pull up a cycle in MHS.

See first imange.

Hmmm… I just had someone else show me something similar, but I thought they had a procedural issue, since they were starting a second Site on Cycle Counting. I have not gotten a chance to dig further yet. Please report this to Support. You may have found a bug.

Ok I will open a epicare ticket. I will let you all know the status when I hear more.

This is a known issue. No date set for resolution.

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So is it just the description that is in error? Or would using the cycle from another site, cause issues?

yes it is just using the description of the period from the wrong site.
Cycle Periods are site specific so I have a 2019-04-EVC and 2019-04-MHS period for their respective sites. In cycle count maintenance in MHS it is pulling up the correct period for MHS but it is displaying the EVC description.
But Epicor knows about it and will fix it eventually.