Cycle Count/Physical Inv in E9.04

Hi All,

Is anyone on E9.04 (maybe 9.05 too) that is using the Cycle Count
feature to do Physical Inventories?

If so, is the only way to assign a reason code for an adjustment by
using the Count Discrepancy Reason screen?

In my first test, I posted a Count Cycle without assigning a reason code
and the post went through, which seemed odd because a reason code is
required when doing a quantity adjustment.

I looked at the Inventory/WIP Recon report and only 2 out of the 5 parts
that had adjustments showed up even though there were parttran records
for the parts that didn't show up.

I did another physical inventory but this time I put a reason code
before posting and all adjusted part numbers showed up on the
Inventory/WIP Recon report.

Sounds like a bug. Anyone else seeing this too?

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