Cycle Count Schedule setting

We are setting up our first cycle count schedules. our plan is to count parts at least once per year and we have the mode set to Repetitive not Random.

The Epicor training states to setup cycle count schedules for the whole year. That seems like a long time frame. Is there anyone out there setting schedules on a monthly or quarterly basis? Does a shorter scheduled time frame force you to count all your parts more often that once per year?


I found my answer on a previous post from Tim S

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Yea… I would set the calendar to monthly cycles, and personally, I like “Random” because it makes the number of parts to count per day NOT random… You just need to count enough parts to count everything in one year. if you have 22000 parts, you need to count 100 per day for 220 work days. Random allows you to have a nice smooth count, without “bumps” where some days get 2 parts and others get 2000 parts.

Thanks Tim, we were going towards repetitive because we want to ensure all parts are counted annually. It did not sound like random did that.

Getting into modeling/testing next week.

Appreciate your insight.