Cycle Testing before Shipment

How would I handle a testing operation that is required just before shipment? Here’s the example…
We make Lithium batteries. The completed battery assembly has an EOL test and once completed, it goes on the shelf until it is time to ship it… could be same day, could be weeks or even months. There is an additional cycle test that must be done just prior to shipment that ensures the cells are at a specific charge before shipment. How do I account for that in Epicor?

@dr_dan Part has Shipping Docs Required that forces an attachment to be added before the shipment can be marked shipped. You could have a popup on getbyid that reminds the shipper that the test needs t be done then the test results or just a pdf that has inspected by inspector 12 could be attached to the pack out.

You could use Staging in Customer Shipment entry with a code of EOL Testing. This forces someone to unstage the shipment before it can be shipped. Only downside is that it’s on the company level so all shipping has to go through staging